Well done - Achievement Assemblies

Well done - Achievement Assemblies

This last week saw year group Achievement Assemblies with over 60 prizes handed out by Ms Adams.  Congratulations to all students who received their gift cards and prizes last week!

Every half term the school holds Achievement Assemblies with rewards for top performing tutor groups, the top 5 students in each year group and then students (up to 10) drawn from the Achievement hat to recognise the excellent work, progress and attendance by those students.

The next Achievement Assemblies will take place during the week commencing Monday 11th December.

You can view the Achievement & Rewards information on the school website to see how students receive their points.  

Parents & carers who sign up to the School GateWay can also receive automatically updates every time Achievement points are awarded to  your son/daughter.  To access your School GateWay account for the first time, please click here .