To celebrate the anniversary of the launch 10 years ago of Wey Valley Radio, an ever-popular lunchtime and after-school resource for students at The Wey Valley School, £5,000 is being invested in upgrading the station.

Aaron Parsons, ICT teacher said: “We have a strong group of students who lead the radio station, from scheduling programmes, organising music, running podcasts, to interviewing students and staff on issues in school.

“Students can listen to the radio station during break and lunchtime with many speakers around the school, plus the opportunity soon to listen over the school’s intranet.”

Rob Cole, finance and business manager at Wey Valley said: “The radio station has evolved over time with many students having had the opportunity to have a part to play in this unusual vocational and educational resource. 

“The station has inspired many of our students to go on to greater things, with Charlotte Foot, now a broadcast assistant and journalist at the BBC, and Scott Williams, head of music at AIR FM, just two very good examples”

Charlotte Foot said: “During my time at The Wey Valley School, I had the opportunity to be involved with their very own radio station - Wey Valley Radio. Through this, I gained invaluable experience that I wouldn't have gained elsewhere. Since leaving the school, it has helped open many doors - from securing a place at university to becoming a BBC journalist."

Lucy Turnbull and Carla Gilfillan, both in Year 8 are in the current production team for the radio station.

Lucy said: “There are 10 student members to the Radio Club and we meet up every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtime to schedule music, discuss on-air news, events outside of school and to broadcast updates to students and staff on school events and activities.” 

Carla said: “The radio station is great fun. Working with other students in school, we get to choose from a great range of music and we have learned so much.”

Aaron Parsons said: “It’s much more than just a lunchtime or after-school club - students have the opportunity to learn new communication skills, work as a team and support literacy skills that impact on many subject areas.