A team building day on the grounds of the Kingston Maurward estate provided the perfect opportunity for new Year 7 students at the Wey Valley School to get to know each other in the autumn sunshine.

Over 160 11 and 12 year olds, who have all transferred up from primary school, made the most of the opportunity to make pals with their new school-mates and experience a range of activities that do not generally feature in everyday school life.

 Orienteering, outdoor pursuits and team building events were just some of the outdoor activities in which the various 18-strong teams took part.

Ben Hunt, Head of Year 7, said: ‘It was an excellent day for our students, demonstrating the kind of team-work and problem-solving skills that go hand-in-hand with the values of our school. The students had a great day and the team work and togetherness of our students will put them in good stead for the year ahead’

Student Lucas Rusby, said: ‘there were some challenging outdoor activities that required good teamwork; including the 5-tyre challenge, the rope walk and using panels within the team to cross an area in the quickest time.'


Fellow student Riley Churchill said, ‘the orienteering session was great with excellent support from Kingston Maurward staff during the day.  We got to work in our tutor groups as well as in teams across the year group, making new friends along the way.’

Zarah Begum added, ‘the day was non-stop and went really well.  I really enjoyed the orienteering and the tyre challenges with good team work from all who took part’.

Ben Hunt added her thanks for the support given by Kingston Maurward College.

'The student leaders who ran the outdoor activities were superb, keeping our students on the move all the time with a real focus on teamwork and collaboration to succeed. Our Year 7 students performed to a high standard as individuals and as small teams– this session was good preparation for the school life at Wey Valley as well as the Duke of Edinburgh award which many of our students take part in from Year 9'.