Sweet Treats for Watersports

Sweet Treats for Watersports

In March this year, students from The Wey Valley School took part in “The Grow A Tenner” scheme. This involved setting up a small business with the objective of growing the initial investment.

The group took a £40 start up fund, paid it back at the end of the project and also made a profit of £140.Their business called “Sweet Treats” got them baking and selling cakes at break times.

At the end of the project they decided that they would donate all their profits to the Will Mackaness Trust. The Trust was set up in memory of Will Mackaness who was a Headboy at the school. Pam Govier, Will’s mother was “delighted to receive the money.” The Trust supports young people to participate in watersports, something which Will loved.

The Sweet Treats team of Amber Clements, Ellie Green, Becky Woods, Alexandra Stevenson and James Limb reported that although the project had been hard work they had enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Alexandra Stevenson said they realised that “good planning, teamwork and marketing were essential elements of success.”

As some members of the team have received funding from the Will Mackaness Trust, it was felt that it would be “appropriate for the profits to be used to benefit other young people.”