Students take to the sea on the Tall Ship Pelican

Students take to the sea on the Tall Ship Pelican

15 Wey Valley students in Year 10 sailed at the weekend on the Tall Ship Pelican to Swanage

The students were involved in all aspects of managing the ship from sail handling, watch keeping, navigation, ship cleaning , maintenance and food preparation.  They also had the opportunity for hands on sailing experience, such as pulling on ropes, taking the helm and climbing the rigging to release the sails.

Anna Hines, Progress Mentor at Wey Valley added, ‘The aim of the trip was to encourage personal development in terms of building confidence and developing interpersonal skills though working as a team. The school and the students are very grateful for the financial support from the Dorset Community Foundation to enable this weekend trip to take place’.

Mrs Hines added, ‘all of the students who participated really enjoyed the trip and were excited to tell me about the hands on sailing experience that they had’.

Marcus Heggie, a Year 10 student said, ‘it was a fun weekend.  I particularly enjoyed climbing the rigging and meeting the crew.  I learnt the importance of working as a team and enjoyed all aspects of the sailing experience.’

Holly Anderson, also added, ‘it was a fantastic experience and so much better than I expected.  I particularly enjoyed meeting the crew and learning about life on board the ship.  The highlight for me was climbing the rigging.’

Paul Compton, Captain of the Tall Ship Pelican praised the students, ‘It was pleasure to host Wey Valley students on board T.S pelican over the weekend. They were well behaved and enthusiastic and a credit to themselves and the school. I would be very happy to sail with them again’.

Sara Adams, Acting Principal at Wey Valley commended the weekend sailing experience. ‘Our students have returned to school full of energy following a fantastic weekend, inspired by their experience on the Tall Ship Pelican. The team working skills they have applied on the ship will put them in good stead for their learning at school.’