Students take to the Roller Coaster for maths fun!

Students take to the Roller Coaster for maths fun!

Maths workshops were in order for 40 Year 10 and 11 students from the Wey Valley School during a visit to Thorpe Park.   Students spent the day learning various mathematical measures and calculations for various theme park trips culminating in the chance to go on some of the most thrilling roller coaster rides in the country.


Students were also greeted by Angry Bird during their visit with meetings with Thorpe Park officials for Angry Bird Land to find out how the park operates as a business, including financial operations and marketing. 

James Harries, Head of Maths at the Wey Valley School felt the trip was a great success, ‘It is really important for students to understand real life Mathematical concepts including businesses and to apply them outside of the classroom – the combination of fun filled theme park rides and learning maths has been a great success – it is now back to the classroom!’

Mr Harries also thanked the Maths team for organising this popular trip, which the school will look to run again next year.


Jen Rogers, Maths teacher at Wey Valley commended the students, ‘all of our students thoroughly enjoyed the day with many maths questions answered. I would like to thank the staff at Thorpe Park for their hospitality and hosting the Maths workshops for our students’.

Hayden Conn in Year 10 said, ‘we found out how Thorpe Park runs as a business and the educational supervisor was very clear and helpful.  We enjoyed the trip and didn’t realise how much everyday maths is used.

Ben Hunter, also in Year 10 enjoyed the trip, adding ‘The staff at Thorpe Park were really helpful and the study sessions will certainly help with my maths back in the classroom’.