Students show case dancing talents at University

Students show case dancing talents at University

 Arts University Bournemouth hosted a performing arts Dance workshop for local schools, with sessions led by University staff and students.

15 students from Years 9 and 10 from the Wey Valley School took part in workshops, with Mrs Ashmore, Head of Performing Arts at Wey Valley pleased with the energy and ideas that came from the group.  Mrs Ashmore said, “The students, working in small groups were tasked with the challenge of adapting dance routines and presenting their performance to the audience at the end of day.”

Katie Janes in Year 10 said, “The workshops were brilliant and the staff and University students were really helpful throughout.  We worked well in groups with some excellent performances from the Wey Valley students.”

Lexie Moulsdale also in Year 10 added, “This was the first time that I had been to the Arts University Bournemouth and the facilities and insight into University life were outstanding.  I enjoyed the workshops and I will take these ideas back to my GCSE and BTEC Dance and Performing Arts studies.”

Dylan Ware in Year 9 said, “The workshops were inspiring and I have a passion for performing arts and want to continue this with my studies and future career.”

Mrs Ashmore commended the students on some fantastic performing arts presentation, “The good work that goes on in school clearly showed during the workshops with some superb student interpretation and dance – well done to all!”

Ms Sara Adams, Principal at The Wey Valley School congratulated the student group on their University trip adding, “This was another successful student trip that follows recent school trips to other local Universities which broadens our students’ horizons and inspires their studies to do well and see first-hand the higher education opportunities open to them after GCSEs and A-Levels.”