Students prepare for the world of work

Students prepare for the world of work

Year 11 students at the Wey Valley School spent the day experiencing mock interviews with business and community leaders; all valuable preparation towards their further education or career aspirations. 

Mr Paul Norman, Vice Principal and in charge of student careers, said ‘this is the fourth year the school has carried out mock interviews and they have served our students well as many 15 year olds have not experienced an interview environment.  Interview techniques are one of the basic employability skills that we all need and at The Wey Valley School we are doing all we can to prepare our students for the future.’

Maureen Howell, Head of Year 11 said, ‘it has been a busy day with over 160 students having interviews with over 20 business volunteers, the feedback from students have been fantastic with a real buzz in our conference rooms.’

Just before his interview, Tyler Watkins in Year 11 said, ‘I am a little nervous going into the interview, which is a good thing but I am looking forward to it as it will be really useful experience for the future. I have had interviews before as I am looking to join the Marines’.

James Chivers added, ‘my interview was really useful gaining a lot of positive feedback and some testing questions that will serve me well when I go for an interview in the future’.

Sophie Lloyd Edwards said, ‘I had not had an interview before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect – but I’ve come away better prepared for the real thing.’

Ali Stevenson added, ‘I really enjoyed the interview and I found the interviewer’s questions really interesting. They have been a real help today!’

Sophie Karmani, one of the interviewers who runs her own PR Company said, ‘I have been really impressed with students today. There is a wealth of talent with such a positive outlook from students, with many students having career plans already for the next 5 to10 years.

Roger Hogbin, a retired management accountant and member of the Weymouth and Portland Lions Club added, ‘the students were very confident and prepared for their interviews, I found the day very inspiring with so many students having a firm handle on their career paths’.

Natasha Hicks also said, ‘there has been so much great feedback from students today who were confident to ask questions at the end of their interview. It has been a valuable and productive day and a pleasure to meet so many inspiring students’.

Sara Adams, Principal commented “the school is very grateful for the continued support from so many business leaders who have interviewed and supported our students.  This has been an inspiring day for our students and will no doubt prepare them well for their next step in their studies or career journey”.