Students on trial with legal lessons

Students on trial with legal lessons

An informative session on the judicial system by a local magistrate was received by student council members of the Wey Valley School. 

A dozen students from the Weymouth school met Callum Bremner, a local magistrate, with discussions on the role of the magistrate, the types of cases they hear in court and the steps they need to follow when making a decision on a case.  Students then had the opportunity to take part in a mini mock trial and decide on the course of action for a case themselves.  The afternoon was extremely informative and the students had lots of questions for Mr Bremner.

Anna Hines, Progress Mentor at Wey Valley and the Dorset Community Foundation, who organised the session said, ‘the students found the presentation, the insight into the judicial system and the opportunity to ask questions really useful’.

Mrs Hines added, ‘as part of the raising aspirations programme with the Dorset Community Foundation, we are working with more and more businesses and public services to show students the wide range of career opportunities when they leave school. We have an increasing number of Business Mentors supporting our students and the engagement and benefits for our students have been fantastic!’

Holly Smith in Year 7 said, ‘I found the session really interesting and a useful insight into the legal system. Mr Bremner was helpful with the mock trial.’

Lucy Turnball in Year 9 added, ‘this was a great session with lots of questions – I have learned so much. The student reviews and conclusions of the mock trials were very interesting when we were presented with the actual outcomes of the trials.’

Ms Sara Adams, Acting Principal said, ‘I would like to thank Mr Bremner for his visit and also to the Dorset Community Foundation.  The introduction of the Raising Aspiration Programme is a real positive for our students with many community and business links established with the school.’

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