Student visit to British national treasure

Student visit to British national treasure

Students at the Wey Valley School experienced a fantastic day trip to The British Library, the UK’s national library and home to a number of world literature treasures.  

39 students attended a range of English workshops to support their English Language and Literature courses. 

Katherine Child, English teacher and trip organiser said, “The older students looked at the changes in the English language and how words have been developed through history, while the younger group participated in  a creative writing workshop that produced several pieces of poetry. Both groups also got to work with some of the texts in the Library’s collection, which ranged from letters written by Elizabeth I to drafts of Beatles lyrics!”

After the sessions at the library, students had some free time, and visited King’s Cross station to visit the Harry Potter shop at Platform 9 ¾.

Mrs Childs added, “It was a long day on the road for our students but they thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the British Library and their work and activities from the workshops will benefit their English studies.”

Nick Debeic in Year 8 said, “Our trip was wonderful. Firstly we were introduced to the King’s library which was ‘the seed’ of the library and it started the building that now stores over a million books! It was overwhelming.”

Jack Hintze in Year 9 added, “The workshops made us think a lot about English Literature and looking around at the various pieces of music and books was amazing. I found out that every published newspaper and book has to be sent to the British Library. I also found out that they have to have 3 whole underground floors just for storage!”

Grace O’Connor also in Year 9 said, “ We got to learn about the suffragettes – there were so many books and information to view.   Thank you to staff for organising such an amazing trip.”

Luke Perks in Year 9 also added, “I liked the trip to London because I had a fun learning experience.”

Sara Adams, Principal at the Wey Valley School commended the English team for such a valuable English trip, “What a great opportunity for our students to embrace British culture at one of the country’s iconic treasures – some really positive feedback from students which will only further support them with their studies and passion for English .”