Student Engineers take on ‘Tank’ challenge

Student Engineers take on ‘Tank’ challenge

Year 10 students from the Wey Valley School were invited by Bournemouth University to take part in an engineering and computing challenge at the Tank Museum, Bovington. Dr Greenwood and Mr Fitzsimons were delighted to take a team of students who were chosen because of their high aptitude in either design and technology or computing, or in some cases both.


Dr Greenwood commended the students for a challenging and enjoyable day at the Tank Museum, ‘the students worked as teams and were scored on their design portfolio and their teamwork skills as well as the main challenge: constructing a tank from Lego with a motor controlled by a remote controlled block which they had to program to respond to their commands’.


Dr Greenwood added, ‘Students were set a puzzling obstacle course to navigate their tank, against the clock!  The student ambassadors from Bournemouth University who are studying courses as diverse as forensic science, engineering and gaming design were fantastic and supported our students throughout the day’.

Five other schools from Dorset, Bournemouth and Hampshire attended the workshop, with the Wey Valley teams performing well and completing the tasks.   Dr Greenwood said, ‘I was very impressed with the student’s planning work, their resilience in overcoming design problems and their teamwork skills – all great attributes for potential engineers of the future’.


Ms Adams, Principal at the Wey Valley School paid thanks to the Science Department, Bournemouth University and the Tank Museum, ‘this is another workshop experience for our students that brings classroom theory into practice in the real world and will no doubt inspire our students to think about future careers in engineering, design and computing’.