Sports Day - student report

Sports Day - student report

Wey Valley Sports Day 2017

Tuesday, 4th July

The Wey Valley School sports day is all about people making a change, and stepping outside of comfort zones. It is  a fun, sporty day for people of all abilities. Thanks to Miss Claridge and the PE department for all their hard work!

On Tuesday 4th July, the Wey   Valley School Sports Day took place. The sports day included ranges of activities from cooking to wave boarding. The day allowed students to test themselves and take part in things they have never done before.
We also managed to interview the head of Year 7, Miss Taylor. She said “I think the day is running really smoothly. All of the students look like they are enjoying and engaging with the activities. However, there have been some minor injuries, but the staff are making sure they are being treated.”

Feedback from the Field and Beyond
Mr Mitchem reported that “year 8 put in a lot of effort followed by year 7 who were as equally good.” He said years 9 and 10 seemed quite tired after their athletic endeavours.  Next was Mr Wilson who said “volleyball was the best event “ of the ones he had witnessed . Miss Young said that “Year 9 and 10 did really well in their races and that kite making was amazing.” She also made a kite that she was really pleased with. Mr Norman told us that  the board games “session had lots of people .” Lastly we interviewed Charlie Logan, year 9,  who was doing photography. She said  that she took photos of the main sporting events.
We talked to some year 9s who were very involved in the football. Alex Afanasiew, year 9,  performed a brilliant corner kick. We just caught the start of the year 10 kite making session. Mrs Allison was explaining how to make a perfect kite.
As we walked down the corridor we noticed the dangerous wires and danger signs around the school. The Site Team said “it was a lot easier” to complete the difficult job they had to do while all the students were busy with Sports Day. 

Brilliant Board Games
People have been laughing and smiling all day as the brilliant board games have been taking place in the maths department.
Arianna said —  I chose this because its fun      

Terrific Trampolining
The trampolining was fun, too. The participants were jumping up and down and smiling with happiness in this joyous activity.
Sasha said “I chose it because its fun .”

“It’s been a great day and I am so proud of the students, especially those who found it    difficult, but still finished their races” - Ms Adams

Reporters: Andrea Bowdidge, Sam Cartwright, Chloe Porter, Dezzarie Rice Smith, Alisha Hughson, Tia Malgarin,  Ashleigh James,  Chloe Hughes-Taylor, Ashlin Frake, Francesca Longdon, Aysha Frampton, Georgine Gillespie, Emily Alexander, Bethany Boffy, Tierney Devereux