Science Department now on Twitter

Science Department now on Twitter

Science Department Twitter page @wvs_science

Dear Parent / Carer,

This week has seen the ‘soft launch’ of our new Science department twitter feed.

We are encouraging our students to follow the Science department and interact with the resources and content we post, linking to their studies at both Ks3 and Ks4.

NB: Twitter states on its web site that there is a minimum age of 13 years to use the site. So we are aiming this at appropriate aged Y8 pupils and above.

There is a myriad of excellent sites on the World Wide Web, to support our learners in Y7.

We hope your child will use the opportunity to ‘read around their subject’ and get a real flavour for cutting edge, relevant Science that links to their studies in the classroom.

If you allow your child to use Twitter, here’s what they need to do;

1 Go to and sign up for an account, following all the instructions

2 Once account is active, search for @wvs_science and hit ‘follow’

3 That’s it! Pupils can scroll down the feed and click links to take them to 3rd party sites that have appropriate content to support their learning and understanding in Science

4 We, as a department, DO NOT follow the students back. This is purely a one way information sharing process.

5 Naturally, if students choose to post inappropriate content, then we will have no choice but to block them from accessing the site and they would be at the mercy of the  laws governing electronic communications.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office, or my school e-mail account.


Mr P Hartley

Science Department