Year 9 students from the Wey Valley School, Weymouth have been acting as forensic detectives to find out who killed Rudolph, after watching a murder mystery play at an event organised by Bournemouth University and the Royal Veterinary College.

Four forensic science workshops helped the students uncover who killed Santa’s chief reindeer by introducing them to techniques such as analysis of stomach contents, blood splatter patterns and fingerprinting, and interrogation techniques.

Jenna McNeish, science teacher from Wey Valley said: “This was chemistry come to life!  One of the techniques the students were introduced to was chromatology - separating mixtures and analysing their results - which they found fascinating.

“Our students demonstrated great teamwork and had a very interesting day applying their science learning in a practical situation.”
Four local schools came together for the day, hosted by Kingston Maurward College near Dorchester, to solve the mystery of who murdered poor Rudolph. 

The race to correctly name the murderer using their newly-acquired techniques was won by a team from Wey Valley, who were rewarded with prizes of Santa hats and a chocolate piñata. 


Charlotte Cheatle and Kai Coker, both in Year 9, were both part of the winning team.
Charlotte said: “The fingerprint workshop was great.  We took prints of suspects to identify who poisoned Rudolph. And the finger-printing was great fun.”

Kai said: “It was really interesting to speak with students from Bournemouth University and find out about the courses they’re studying and how techniques like blood splatter analysis are used in the workplace.”