Lessons learned in science classes were brought dramatically to life at a “Science at Work” event at the Wey Valley School in Dorset.

A series of special hands-on workshops, backed by the Royal Society of Chemistry, showed how science is used every day in the workplace in a bid to encourage young people to learn more about the applications of science and to be interested in taking up scientific careers when they leave school.

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service took part in the day, teaching the students about the chemistry of fire and vividly demonstrating the dangers of fire through the use of their chip pan demonstration unit.

Science and technology specialists Katalytic demonstrated how science is used in the food industry, creating ice-cream and sherbet with the Year 8 and 9 pupils as part of their STEM programme across Dorset schools.

The Government Defence Science and Technology Laboratories took part with a look at some of their work and  setting a forensic science challenge with the pupils.

Mary Critchell, Careers Manager at the Wey Valley School said: “We wanted to show students that science is used every day in the workplace, whether you are in food, manufacturing, the service industry or technology.

“Working alongside adults from the world of work really helps to bring into focus the importance of science in everyday life. Science is a core subject and all students will study it but the skills and knowledge are relevant for many careers and build on this your whole life through.  The students really enjoyed the activities.”