Richard II play inspires Wey Valley students

Richard II play inspires Wey Valley students

Students from the Wey Valley School visited Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London to attend the performance of Richard II.

The trip was part of the school’s Able & Talented English programme which brought a new experience of seeing a Shakespearean play in an authentic setting.

Mr Winsor, English teacher and trip organiser said: “students saw an excellent crafted performance and fully appreciated the stagecraft involved in creating a play.  The play will serve as an essential skill that will be assessed as part of their literature coursework”.

Miss Simpson, Head of English added: “students wishing to study English at college, either through A levels or higher education  will be required to show a passion for and breadth of knowledge of English literacy heritage”.

Students travelled by train to London and also had the opportunity to explore the area as well as the renowned theatre.

Lauren Brooke-Potter, a Year 10 student said: ‘The play was amazing and it was a great experience. The trip will certainly help with my English studies’.   

Adam Cawton added ‘I really enjoyed the play and the opportunity to visit such a fantastic theatre will certainly inspire the group’.

Katie Fellows also added ‘I’d like to thank the school staff for organising the trip, these opportunities extend our learning and will put us in good stead for our exams next year’.