Students at the Wey Valley School are celebrating the fruits of their hard work with great GCSE results. Principal, Sara Adams said “I am delighted that our students have been rewarded with strong grades which enable them to move forward to the next stage of their education.

There has been a lot of uncertainty about this year’s grades with both new, more challenging, exams and a new grading system being introduced. Schools had been warned that this year’s results were likely to be very volatile and should not be compared with previous examinations so we are really pleased to see 62% in English and 57% in Maths getting good passes in the new, tougher exams.

We are thrilled that our students have done so well. We are proud of their achievements across the board. It has been great to see our most academically able students hitting the new top grades, especially the new, extremely challenging, grade 9, in such numbers".

2016/17 Academic Year performance

5 A* to C including English & Maths    44%
English Baccalaureate                          18%
Maths 4+                                                 57%
Maths 5+                                                 26%
English 4+                                                62%
English 5+                                                48%
English and Maths 4+                            48%
English and Maths 5+                            21%
Progress 8 measure                             -0.70
Attainment 8 measure                            38

                                   2014/15                2015/16

5A* - C inc EM          32%                       46%

5A* - D inc EM          69%                       76%

5 A* - C                     51%                       53%

Progress 8 (school calculation)           -0.15

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