Regional Award for Wey Valley‘s Jenny

Regional Award for Wey Valley‘s Jenny

A Higher Level Teaching Assistant at the Wey Valley School in Weymouth has been awarded the South West HLTA of the Year.  Jenny Boyce, who works in the PE Department at the school will now attend the National Awards in London, in November. The Award, by Best Practice Net acknowledges the ‘above and beyond’ work by school support staff and Jenny’s endeavours at the Weymouth School have been duly recognised.

Jenny is described by the school’s Acting Principal, Sara Adams, as a quite remarkable individual who has that rare quality in a HTLA of consistently showing and delivering excellence rarely seen in others.

Ms Adams added: ‘Jenny makes a real difference to the lives of our most vulnerable students and gives up most weekends of her time freely be it Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, tall ships races, camping trips or school trips to our sister school in Nepal. The staff, students and parents of the school hold her in the highest esteem.’

Ms Adams continued : ‘Jenny has high aspirations for all students and can teach in a wide range of activities to a very high standard. She has ferocious energy which translates to the students and a true ‘you can do it attitude’; she has inspired many students especially those who have extreme difficulties to push themselves to succeed both in and out of the class room. She has a very outgoing and confident personality and she has the ability to light up any room. Her work ethic and high standards, including  leading on various fundraising events, have made her a very well respected and invaluable member of staff throughout the whole school’.

Jenny said: ‘ I am really grateful for this award which reflects the ethos and dedication of staff support in school and the many extracurricular and out of school activities that we offer for our students.  I love working a Wey Valley School with so many fantastic students and colleagues.’

Marie Claridge, Head of PE added ‘Jenny has progressed learning from Year 7 to Year 11 working with a wide range of students to raise attainment and whole school happiness. She works with the sole purpose to allow the student to feel safe, supported and inspired to do their very best’.

Mark Salmon, PE teacher and leads on Outdoor Education said: ‘Over the last 12 years Jenny has loved to learn and become qualified to support her role within the PE and Outdoor Learning Department. From being First aid trained she went on further so she could teach First Aid to students and just recently has attended a highly advanced course in wilderness medicine. She has become a very experienced HLTA and often advises teaching and non-teaching staff to help them improve’.

Sara Adams concluded: ‘Jenny  is an amazing woman and truly deserves the recognition that  this award brings. We wish Jenny the best of luck at the National Awards ‘.