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Parent Voice

Regular, open communication and consultation is highly valued. The 'parent voice' aims to represent the views of all parents and to be a voice to inform our school of the needs of children and families. It facilitates communication between parents/carers and staff and governors. The forum works to provide feedback on provision, offer a parent's perspective on current policy and practice and input into decision making and planning for future provision.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 14th May from 6 till 7pm in the school Learning Resources Centre

Come along and make a difference.


1.              The Parent Voice - Aims

·         To work in partnership with the school to raise achievement and aspirations for all pupils.

·         To provide an opportunity for the parent voice to be heard, and for parents to engage with the school.  The meetings are to be informal and provide opportunities for open discussion.

2.              The Parent Voice seeks to:

·         Improve and enhance home-school communication links for the benefit of all pupils in the school.

·         Monitor school improvement.

·         Consider policy information presented by staff and contribute feedback from a parental viewpoint.

·         Raise whole school issues for discussion and consideration in future school improvement planning.

·         Find ways for parents to engage with the school to enable parents to support their child’s learning and progress.

3.              The Parent Voice will not:

 ·         Be a forum to discuss individual pupils or parents.

·         Discuss issues relating to individual staff

·         Address specific curriculum details