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Parent Consultation Evenings

The Parent’s Consultation Evening is an important opportunity for parents, carers and students to meet tutors and teachers to discuss student progress in all subject areas, share any concerns with staff and receive the Yearly report.

Students are advised to make appointments with staff in preparation for the consultation evening and booking information is provided to students in advance of the meeting. In addition, parents will be contacted by the text alert to confirm the meeting date and any updates / information.

The Parent’s Consultation Evening is held in the Will Mackaness Hall and the Gallery from 4pm to 7pm. Refreshments are available throughout the evening.

The dates for Parent’s Consultation Evening for the 2016/17 academic year are:

21st September 2017       Year  11 
12th October 2017Year 11 (revision PCE) 
16th November 2017Year  7 (Tutors)
30th November 2017Year 8
 25th January 2018Year 11 (revision PCE)

8th February 2018

Year 11 
3rd May 2018Year 10
28th June 2018Year 9
12th July 2018Year 7

Should parents be unavailable to attend the meeting, they are encouraged to contact the Year office or Head of Curriculum Department to arrange a convenient time to visit to discuss their son / daughter’s progress.