As part of the Government's universal free school meal initiative for all children in reception and years one and two, over 100 pupils from St Nicholas & St Laurence Primary School in Weymouth are now enjoying the hot school meals served daily at the Wey Valley School and Wyvern Academy.

From the start of this new academic year even the youngest pupils have been taking the short walk across campus for their midday meal, and eating off the same menu as students at the senior schools. 


They join their older schoolmates from St Nicholas & St Laurence who have already been heading over to Wey Valley for lunch for the last two years, as demand has grown for hot school meals.

Kerri Walker, manager of The Diner At Wey Valley, said: "We are delighted to welcome pupils from St Nicholas & St Laurence Primary School' to our diner. There is a great buzz in the dining room and the pupils are certainly enjoying the menu we offer."

Helen Williams, head teacher at St Nicholas & St Laurence Primary School said: "The children are really enjoying their lunch at Wey Valley and Wyvern and the setting, which includes table cloths and flowers, gives a real formal restaurant ambience'.

Pupils also gave a thumbs up to the meal initiative. Year 2 pupil Jude said: "I think the people are very caring"; Ruby (Year 2)  "They're being (the supervisors) very courteous. They serve us the bread and food". Hermione (Year 2) - "It's very nice food". Charlie (Year 1) - "I like the people (supervisors). They're very considerate".

Philip Thomas, principal at The Wey Valley School added: "This is another fantastic example of the schools working co-operatively across the campus, providing all the youngsters with opportunities to experience various aspects of school life on the campus."