Sixteen bookworms at The Wey Valley School have now read more than one million words during this academic year, spurred on by their school’s new ‘accelerated reading programme.’
All students in Years 7 and 8 at Wey Valley have benefited from the innovative scheme - introduced in September 2014 - which guarantees 20 minutes of dedicated reading time every school day, supplemented by frequent quizzes to test each student’s knowledge and understanding of the books they read. 
Over 140 million words in over 4,000 books have been read by Wey Valley students under the scheme this year.
The project, which is part-funded by the ASPECT Trust, has been extended to include pupils from St Nicholas & St Laurence Primary School - one of Wey Valley’s partner Co-operative schools which shares the same campus - and Radipole Primary School.
Wey Valley will be investing in more books for September 2015 to accommodate the reading needs of Year 9 and to meet the appetite of their able and talented readers.
Learning resource manager, Eileen Glynn, said: “It has been a remarkable year for our students. They have embraced ‘accelerated reading’ with some exceptional results and they’ll particularly feel the benefit of this as they settle into their GCSE studies.”
Acting principal, Sara Adams, said: “We will be extending the accelerated reading programme into Year 9 from September 2015 as a result of this year’s success. We’re very keen to support other primary schools as the data for this year confirms a significant number of students now above national average for their reading ability.”

Eileen Glynn congratulated the 16 ‘word millionaires’ and also named as the most improved tutor groups for reading Mrs West/Mrs King’s class in Year 7 and Mr Hunt’s class in Year 8.

The 16 student word millionaires are: Lucy Turnbull, Sophie Suter, Henry Ackerley, Oliver Hammond, Alex Raine, Amber Read, Rebecca Luke, Rebecca Bowman,

Joshua Bowman, Joshua Dean, Emily Seymour, Josh Radburn-Richards, Georgia

Collins, Thomas Thompson and Alexander Afanasiew.