Over 200 miles & 21,000 calories mark anniversary of new Fitness studio

Over 200 miles & 21,000 calories mark anniversary of new Fitness studio

Students at the Wey Valley School in Weymouth marked the first year anniversary of their Fitness studio and spinning room with a day of cardio activity.  The PE Department set the aim for the day to see how many miles could be achieved and calories burned on the various fitness kit by the student groups during lessons and extra-curricular clubs.  210 miles and 21,405 calories was the final result!

The school’s Fitness studio and spinning room in partnership with 3D Leisure, who manage the facility after school hours boasts over 50 pieces of fitness kit, including treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers, hill climbers, rowers, dedicated spinning bikes and a range of weight resistant equipment. 

Marie Claridge, Head of PE at the Wey Valley School set out the challenge to students as a benchmark and target for the rest of the school.  Miss Claridge added, ‘The school’s Fitness Studio is a fantastic resource for our students and is very popular with our lunchtime and after school clubs as well as our gifted and talented sportsmen and women who have their own dedicated times to assess their performances’.

During the school day, readings were taken from all Fitness Studio kit to total the number of miles travelled and calories burned by student groups.  This now raises the bar for the rest of the school.

Miss Claridge added that the partnership with 3D Leisure is adding a legacy to the school, saying ‘The opportunity for many former students to come back as gym members is really pleasing, knowing that their passion for sport and fitness continues after school life at Wey Valley.’ 

Paul Dickinson, Regional Director from 3D Leisure also praised the school and noted the important Year 1 landmark of the new Fitness Studio, ‘We have a healthy membership base for the Fitness Studio which continues to grow – there are a number of classes on offer as well the opportunity for members to receive personal trainer advice and support.  The partnership with the Wey Valley School during the first year has been very productive and we are pleased to see such great student engagement with the facilities – we look forward now to Year 2’.

The Fitness Studio is open to new members at £19.99 per month and enquiries can be taken by the 3D office at the school on 01305 817072.