Ofsted monitoring visit confirms effective action

Ofsted monitoring visit confirms effective action

A recent Ofsted monitoring visit at The Wey Valley School confirmed ‘senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the last section 5 inspection’.

The inspection carried out by Steve Smith HMI included meetings with senior staff, governors, students, learning walks in a number of lessons and scrutinising student work. 
The report outlined three areas for further action; including all staff having the same high expectations of pupils’ behaviour, achievement and presentation of work, all staff providing clear feedback to enable students to improve their work and make rapid progress and improve attendance, particularly persistent absence of pupils from vulnerable groups.

The report acknowledged the many changes made in school since September 2016, with a sense of mission, purpose and determination with areas for improvement from the last inspection now being addressed, although the monitoring report accepts further work is needed by the school.

Mr Smith also noted in his report that ‘Leaders’ efforts to improve teaching and behaviour are having a positive effect on the progress of current pupils in most year groups’. The school is also more ‘outward looking’ being proactive and engaging with external support to improve aspects of school work, helping the school move forward since the previous Ofsted inspection.

Ms Adams, Principal at the Wey Valley School welcomed the report and confirmed the school’s priorities within its improvement plan are aligned to the recent findings from the monitoring report.

Ms Adams noted, ‘The report confirms the improvements in teaching, behaviour and attendance strategies that are all having a positive impact in the classroom and the learning outcomes for our students’.

Ms Adams continued, ‘There is still more work to be done by my team and the Ofsted monitoring visit has proved timely, acknowledging the pace of work and change by all staff and students over the last year and the steps now needed to ensure all of our students reach their potential.’ 

Ms Adams stressed the importance of good student attendance from the monitoring report, ‘We know from our data tracking that good student attendance results in good student progress and the challenge of persistent absence is a well-documented local and national issue.  Students who attend well at the Wey Valley School make similar or better progress with their peers nationally and we continue to support and challenge a number of our parents and students to address absence and the missed learning opportunities in school’.

A link to the HMI letter can be viewed by following this link