Maximising success with the Life Skills Company

Maximising success with the Life Skills Company

As part of the lead up to next summer’s GCSE exams, Year 11 students at the Wey Valley School attended workshops by The Life Skills Company.

The workshops specifically help students to revise effectively and enjoyably, and to do this proactively throughout Year 10 and 11.

During the fun and active two-hour workshop, students explored three principles of effective learning, twelve different revision techniques and a system of proactive revision. Students left the sessions feeling better motivated and empowered, having chosen three or four preferred revision techniques which they can use proactively throughout Year 11.

Chloe Mills, Deputy Director of The Life Skills Company, was very pleased with the workshops with positive feedback from students adding, ‘The workshops went really well with great student engagement throughout, reflecting the variety of revision techniques adopted by students’.

Steve Dyer, Assistant Principal at the Wey Valley School was impressed with the workshops and how students came away with new ideas to utilise in the classroom and home study, ‘I’d like to thank the Life Skills Company for their workshops today – very helpful, some great activities and will certainly support our Year 11s as they continue their learning towards GCSE exams next summer’.

Student feedback was very complimentary including, ‘It actually gave me ideas and advice on how to reuse. It also relieved a lot of my stress…. helpful, original and engaging….. It was fun and I learnt something new….. Understanding that revision doesn’t need to be that boring!..... It had lots of useful information on how to revise and was very good at showing us examples and the methods….. I liked how helpful the people were – great advice…. I liked learning about all the different techniques for revising because I didn’t know about most of them before….. The workshop presenters were nice people. They were able to convey how useful revision is very well’.