Make-A-Wish-Charity - well done 9TPL

Make-A-Wish-Charity - well done 9TPL

Class 9TPL support the Make-A-Wish Charity.



To help his class develop awareness of citizenship, Mr Playle encouraged the group to do something for charity.

After looking at three possibilities, the class voted to support Make-A-Wish. This charity helps terminally ill children to experience their dreams; for example, they might want to be a fireman or a ballerina for a day, or maybe to visit somewhere special like a theme park.

The class hope to raise as much as possible, to be able to send a sizeable donation in December 2014 as a Christmas present to the charity. Mr Playle hopes the class will then keep going until sending another “present” to Make-A-Wish for Christmas 2015, which will be one term into their Year 11.

On 15th and 16th May, 9TPL held their first bake-sale (kind of “Bake-A-Wish”). Cakes were made by Mr Playle, Phoebe, Lily, Maria P, Lulu, Esther, Emese, Jess, Ellie and Josh. The “sales-team” was Lulu, Lily, Ellie, Jess, and Esther (with help from Ali in 9JSY). These sales raised £61.40, which is a fantastic start!

They will be doing one more bake-sale this term, and also Morrison’s supermarket has agreed to let them do bag-packing on a Sunday in July, where customers can donate small change.

Mr Playle hopes that in the end, EVERY member of the class will be able to find a way of giving their time and efforts to help Make-A-Wish.