Great year for reading at Wey Valley!

Great year for reading at Wey Valley!

The 2015/16 academic year has proved to be another successful year for the Wey Valley School and the Accelerated Reading Programme. In its second year at the school, the programme has seen 218 million words read, with over 7,000 books completed and successfully quizzed. 

The Accelerated Reading Programme provides end of book tests for each student to check their understanding and knowledge of the books and allows students to progress through the levels of books on offer in the school.

Eileen Glynn, Learning Resource Centre Manager said: ‘Over 85% students in Years 7, 8 and 9 reached their points target and improvement in reading ages across the school totals 203 years!’

Eileen added: ‘we have 28 word millionaires, which is a great achievement! We expect more students to reach this milestone early next year and more importantly a noticeable improvement with student reading ages.’

Charlie Gledhill, Chloe Malgarin, Corey Squibb, Pascal Maclean-Wood, Ella Moores, Amber Pendlebury, Nic Debiec, Thomas Thompson, Joshua Bowman, Rebecca Bowman, Francesca Longdon, Reuden Stroud, Joshua Dean, Holly McCarthy, Reece Robertson, Bethany Hammond, Katie Bowditch, Dylan Mowlam, Harley Randall, Hollie Richardson, Joshua Cardiff, Benjamin Hunter, Ashleigh-Anne Davies, Rebecca Luke, Emily Seymour, Oliver Hammond and Alex Raine all achieved the million word landmark and received certificates at the end of term.

The school will look to extend the programme into Year 10 from September.