Forensic science challenge for students

Forensic science challenge for students

Year 9 science students at the Wey Valley School in Weymouth took part in a series of forensic science studies with the support of lecturers from Bournemouth University. This was the second Science forensic workshop with Bournemouth University after the ‘Who Killed Rudolph challenge’ in 2014 and this latest success will no doubt lead to more workshops as students see real-life Science in practice.

The science workshops introduced students to a number of forensic techniques such as analysis of stomach contents, blood splatter patterns, fingerprinting and interrogation techniques.

Dr Amy Greenwood, Science teacher at the Wey Valley School said, ‘the sessions really brought Science and Chemistry to life!  Our students showed really high levels of engagement throughout the day, enjoying making their own fingerprints and successfully matching up chemical profiles. Cyber security was a particularly interesting session and brought ICT studies together with Science. The blood splatter analysis also brought in student maths skills too; it was the most challenging but also fun.’

Rhys Jauncey in Year 9 said, ‘10/10, I would like to do it again and learn even more’.  Ian Clements, also in Year 9 added, ‘it was a fantastic and very enjoyable day, I'm glad I took part and the workshops will help with my science studies.’

Riley Russell also said, ‘I really enjoyed wearing the crime suit and carrying out the tests – the workshops were very interesting and the ambassadors from Bournemouth University were very helpful throughout the day.’

Sara Adams, Principal at Wey Valley paid thanks to Bournemouth University and the school’s Science Department, ‘this is another great example of bringing learning to life – the workshops have certainly brought a buzz and wider appreciation of science in the world of work.’