Enterprise Trip - Year 9

Enterprise Trip - Year 9

A group of Year 9 students will be taking part in an Enterprise Masterclass on Tuesday 28th January 2014.

Students will work with Young Enterprise and representatives from the World of Business to develop their business ideas and their business and enterprise skills.  Year 9 students will be given guidance in the roles of: Leadership, Project Management, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Planning and will develop ideas and then pitch them to the advisers in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style session.

As in previous years, Year 9 students in the school can then use their ideas to take part in the national ‘Tenner Challenge’ being held across the month of March.

Students will receive a loan of just £10 and with this they will run a mini business  or social enterprise.  At the end of the month they will pay back the loan and assess what profit they have made and the skills they have developed.

To follow the link to the 'tenner' website, please click here