EVITA review

EVITA review


Evita…as for fortune, and as for fame, I never invited them in.

Students at the Wey Valley School proudly presented their musical production of Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice’s Evita. The evening shows were directed by Ed Hintze and technically assisted by Ben Parker.

Ed Hintze said: “the students were outstanding, with their performing art skills and commitment during the rehearsals and the final performances”.

Evita tells the story of Eva Duarte who was to become the wife of former Argentine dictator Juan Peron, following her journey from humble beginnings through to extraordinary wealth, power and iconic status which ultimately led her to be heralded as the “spiritual leader of the nation” by the Argentine people. An icon both loved and hated in her own country.

After the final performance, Performing Arts teacher Mr Bullard added ‘’  The Wey Valley School  production  of  Evita  was a hugely entertaining piece of musical theatre. Mr Hintze, the cast and crew should so be proud of what they have achieved here’’.


Steve Bullard said: “Emily Janes in Year 9 showed as Eva that she is a conscious performer who has a powerful, fragile and dramatic voice. You could sense the anticipation and joy in the audience each time she sings Don’t Cry for Me Argentina and the far more telling duet with Jake Mould (Year 10) as Peron; I’d be Surprisingly Good for You.”

Mr Hintze added : “Che is played with such dynamic conviction by Jamie Dovell (Year 11) who controls the stage, narrating, observing and orchestrating the rise and fall of Eva. Sean Roberts (Year 10) as a touring tango-singer Magaldi register strongly and Maggie Ayles (Year 9) as Perón’s discarded mistress delivers her one number, Another Suitcase in Another Hall, with exemplary heart-breaking clarity”.

Mr Hintze concluded : “The Chorus was led strongly by Shannon Parfitt and Stacey Paull (both Year 9) were a delight to watch, as were Charlotte Kitching ,Shannon Goddard, Amy Cardy-Walters, Rachel Davis and  Georgia Collins. Other cast members including Luke Britton, Francessca Longdon, Jack Hintze, and Ali Stevenson should also be congratulated for capturing the romanticism of the era and people”.