Double success for sports stars

Double success for sports stars

Two Wey Valley School students have received the school’s sports scholarship award for excellence in their field of sport.

Eden Wrightson in Year 8 and Emilia Ambrico in Year 7 have both been recognised for dance and cheerleading respectively; this follows their dedication towards their sport inside and outside of school, including regional and national competitions.

Julie Ashmore, Head of Performing Arts commended Eden as a role models for fellow students in school and Eden’s development and progress in school. ‘Eden is an enthusiastic and dedicated dancer and takes part in after school clubs, performing art shows as well as her dance and performing art studies’.

Eden thanked the school for the scholarship award which will support entry fees for national competitions, “I hope to gain a scholarship place in one of the four performing arts schools nationally”.

Marie Claridge, Head of PE praised Emilia with her passion for cheerleading and gymnastics, “Emilia really enjoys this sport and has lots of energy with a ‘never give up’ attitude”.

Emilia added, “Gymnastics have helped me get more flexible and I can do the splits, leg holds and a scorpion.  Cheerleading has also increased my strength and balance. I can now lift a team member into the air and catch her when we do cradles. The sport has also helped me increase my confidence; however I am nervous but excited for the upcoming competitions!”

Sara Adams, Principal at the Wey Valley School added, “I would like to congratulate Eden and Emilia.  We have had a number of students successfully apply for the sports scholarship award and they have gone on to compete for the school at local, regional and national levels.  The school started the scholarship award several years ago with some of our earlier students in receipt of the award now part of the Team GB cycling”.