Dance Show brings in full house!

Dance Show brings in full house!

Dance students at the Wey Valley School in Weymouth entertained parents, fellow students and staff with their annual Dance show ‘Enigma’.  The show was held in the school’s Will Mackaness Hall to a full house!

Students from all year groups (aged 11 to 16) performed a variety of dances, from ballet, jazz, modern and street dance.

Mrs Ashmore, Head of Performing Arts said, ‘I am so pleased and delighted for our students. They have all prepared and practiced so well - the evening performance will also support students towards their GSCE Dance studies.  The students were confident and demonstrated great application on the stage and they will be very proud when they look back at the show!’

Molly Simmonds and Claire Routledge, both in Year 10 performed at the Dance Show.  Molly said, ‘the dance show was fantastic and I am really pleased how the evening went.  All of the students who took part had a great time and the feedback from the audience was really positive too.  It is amazing how much we have improved with our Dance since Year 9 as we have been looking back at our Dance work over the last couple of years’.

Claire also added, ‘Mrs Ashmore and the team have been great in preparing and supporting the students for the Dance show – we have all enjoyed the experience and with students from all year groups taking part, the Dance show next year should be even better!’

Ms Adams, Acting Principal said, ‘I would like to congratulate the students, Mrs Ashmore and the team for an excellent evening of Dance entertainment.  The audience has seen a great deal of dancing talent this evening and this level of dance will ensure students do well in their GCSE exams.’