Changes to Bus Route 91 from 3rd November

Changes to Bus Route 91 from 3rd November

The school has been informed of the following changes to the Bus Route 91 (Ferrybridge to Wey Valley) which starts from Monday 3rd November:

Ferrybridge                                0740

Wyke, Smugglers Inn                0743

Asda, Newstead Road                0749

Corporation Road/Short Road   0755

Five Ways, Radipole Lane        0800

Southill, The Rise                      0803

Weymouth, Commercial Road  0808

Weymouth, Kings Statue           0820


Wey Valley School arrive           1510

Wey Valley School depart           1520

Southill, The Rise                         1530

Five Ways, Radipole Lane           1535

Corporation Road / Short Road    1540

Asda, Newstead Road                   1546

Wyke, Smugglers Inn                   1553

Ferrybridge                                   1555