Bincombe Valley visit

Bincombe Valley visit

Art and Food on the menu at Wey Valley for Bincombe Year 5 pupils

Year 5 pupils spent a day at the Wey Valley School taking part in Art classes and Food lessons and getting to know the school and staff.

The focus for the morning session in the Art Department was Tudor portraits with pupils using a wide range of materials, techniques and a creative emphasis on decorative costumes, observing patterns and details.  Pupils used pastels, collage, stencils and pen and ink to compose their art work.  Mr Emery and Mrs Moore, Art teachers commended the excellent artistic work by Year 5s. Charlotte said that ‘printing was the best part of the Art session’, with Kaci also enjoying the Tudor portraits using lots of materials.

In the afternoon, Mrs Harmey, Hospitality and Catering teacher provided a Food lesson on making cakes and muffins. Mrs Harmey praised the teamwork amongst the group and the fantastic variety of cakes produced by pupils.  Dylan said that the cooking was so much fun, especially when we took the muffins out of the oven and ate one, they were yummy!’  Callum said ‘I learnt how to use the oven safely’ .Emily added that the art and cooking was great because we were with our friends and got to work together as a team.

Mrs Bell, Bincombe Valley teacher said ‘We are always made very welcome when we visit Wey Valley. The Year 5 children are excited to be visiting a secondary school and are always amazed at how big the campus is. These workshops offer them a taste of what to expect. I'm always pleased to see past pupils (although I now have to look up at them!). You can see more photos of Bincombe pupils in action on the Wey Valley School website at