Arts University visit for aspiring dance students

Arts University visit for aspiring dance students

A group of 13 and 14 year old students from the Wey Valley School studying GCSE Dance had the opportunity to visit and work with members of the Arts University Bournemouth, Dance Department.

The workshops included a day visit to the Bournemouth Pavilion as part of the ‘Pavilion Dance South West’ to watch the 2nd year degree dance students perform, 'What would Alice do?’


Mrs Julie Ashmore, Head of Performing Arts at Wey Valley was very pleased with the visits and the wider benefits of broadening the student’s dance knowledge and skills, meeting University students and getting a taste of University life on a busy campus. 

Mrs Ashmore added, ‘For many of our students this was the first time they had watched a live contemporary dance performance and it was great to hear them discussing and debating afterwards about how the 'Alice in Wonderland' novel had been interpreted’.

Day 2 of the visit involved practical workshops at Art University Bournemouth, with members of the 2nd year degree students and dance lecturers. Students learned part of the performance work; a section based on a chess game where they represented different chess pieces on the board.


Mrs Ashmore said, ‘It was fantastic to see how quickly the students learnt the repertoire and their enthusiasm when it came to performing it.  I would like to thank the team at Art University Bournemouth for their support over the two days – our students are very keen now to bring new ideas back into school as part of their GCSE studies.  Our students found the visits very enjoyable, great fun learning new movement ideas and highly educational.'