200 miles round trip for Coastal and Tourism research

200 miles round trip for Coastal and Tourism research

60 Year 10 students spent two days carrying out Geography fieldwork at Lyme Regis and Brockenhurst in the New Forest as part of their GSCE studies.

Accompanied by the Humanities team from the Wey Valley School, students visited 4 key beach locations at Lyme Regis to carry our beach profiles, coastal erosion reviews, longshore drift patterns and identifying the impact of coastal management on the local community.  Students spent time in groups measuring waves and slope angles of the beach as part of their research.

Stephen Richards, trip leader from the Humanities team was pleased with the fieldwork carried out by the students.  He said ‘Students remained focussed on the tasks in hand throughout a hot sunny day and I was really pleased to see great team work and the evidence portfolio which will support Year 10 with their studies for next year’.

Day two at Brockenhurst, involved a tourism impact and rural deprivation review including an educational talk from a New Forest official on the history, changes and challenges for the local area.   Students took part in traffic surveys, questionnaires with the general public and gathering evidence on the costs and benefits of tourism to the small village in the heart of the New Forest.

Steve Adams, Head of Humanities congratulated the student group on an excellent two days of research. Mr Adams added, ‘a lot of ground work has been covered over the two days and I am really pleased with our student’s endeavour and research techniques – this will be bode them well for next year!’